BEE is an acronym


Honey bees are environmental engineers

Honey bees are environmental engineers

I often walk into the house and find my spawn writhing on the floor, moaning like they’ve swallowed live toads.

“Do you have appendicitis?” I ask.

“No. Math test tomorrow.” Or social studies, or science, or sentences. Whatever the homework, it’s always too much to face without a dramatic display of distress. But these same spawn have no problem memorizing and creating acronyms.

Here’s the one going around fifth grade:

SCHOOL = Seven Crappy Hours Of Our Lives

Fiona created this one about math: (Background note – The Irish and British way of saying “math” is “maths.” For example, “I lost my maths notebook.”  I can’t explain this anymore than I can explain why “Dying fer a fag after snogging me bird at her flat,” means “I really wanted to smoke a cigarette after I kissed my girlfriend at her apartment.”)

MATHS = Mentally Affected Teachers Harassing Students

To which John replied:

MATHS = Magically Awesome Teachers Helping Students

Once I stopped gagging, I was inspired me to come up with an acronym for bee:

“Hmmm. Bug…eating…energetic…eggs? This is hard… Hey got one! BEE = Buzzing each & everyday!”

Fiona found my acronym pathetic, and gave me a brilliant alternative:

BEE = Beneficial Environmental Engineer

I like hers best.





  1. And I suppose you expect people to wear either short or pant on their legs,
    and to read their stat book with their spec?

    • Ok, you’re right. Maths isn’t such an odd shortened form of mathematics. Pantaloons — that’s an awfully strange word. And image. Especially on a bespectacled chap reading statistics.

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